Wamboin October Day Event

On what was a gorgeous (if not slightly warm) spring day, 15 riders attended the “October DAY Event” – an in-house Gymkhana. It was great to have the support and assistance of so many parents:

  • thanks to Louise for taking on Ring Etiquette and given some tips and practice to the riders in a Rider Class and PC Mount workout;
  • thanks to Leanne for observing the riders perform their selected dressage test and giving them some feedback on their performance;
  • thanks to Peter E & Linda T for running the four sporting events, letting the riders have a few practice runs and then timing them for a guide to their speed and improvement;
  • thanks to Jeni for pencilling/scoring the Top Score Show Jumping;
  • thanks to Jacqui for directing traffic, especially Matthew Q (!);
  • thanks to Kerry for another yummy lunch; and
  • finally, thanks to the riders for helping set out the equipment and pack it away again.

Here are the results on the day – congratulations to all the riders, you rode well, displayed great sportsmanship, assisted others, cheered them on and managed your progression to each activity very well. Thanks to Nicole for taking the mini E & E grade riders (and a few parents) on a course walk and explaining how a Top Score Event works.


Most accurately ridden test – Mara Sutcliffe & Jess Baldwin

Most improved test – Vicki Steele

Best Centreline – Laura Worden

Best even rhythm – Rebecca Williams

Best young horse – Elena Sutcliffe

Most amazing sitting trot – Nicole Smith

Most surprised at doing a Novice Test – Ellen Smith



Best Listeners: Matthew Worden & Rebecca Williams



Most improved times: Rebecca Williams & Matthew Quick