Wamboin/Canberra Lakes ODE

GO WAMBOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With an amazing 18 riders from Wamboin competing, our ODE in conjunction with Canberra Lakes was a fantastic success on Sunday 27 May. Thanks to all the parents, riders and siblings of riders who made Sunday such a resoundingly successful day for the club.
It was great to see so many our riders out competing and putting into practice the knowledge and skills learnt at rally days. Results to 10th place in each division are posted on the “HOME” page, but for a more detailed report…..read on.
E Grade Division 1– 16 riders, 9 of whom were riding for Wamboin. Vicki & CoCo, Laura & Annie, Jess & Bamborough Celia, Jack & Missy, Sammy & Monty and Kaitlin & MacKenzie all finished the dressage phase and all baring Sammy got round in the show jumping, however it was the X-country phase that proved to be the most testing. I have heard many calls for our club to now focus on building a water jump at our grounds as many riders encountered a few issues at this particular obstacle, none going quite as far in terms of “testing the water” as Vicki did!
But this division proved to be all Wamboin as Ally & Pepper took at Champion, Tyla & Jemma placed 2nd & Craig & Cisco 4th.
E Grade Division 2 – 3 riders from Wamboin in a field of 18. Mixed fortunes for Mara & Penny, Amy & Zac and Elena & Petulah in both dressage & show jumping, however again the x-country phase was the most challenging aspects.
D Grade Division 1 – 18 riders again all up, with Penny & Ashes and Leonie & Candy representing Wamboin. It was Leonie’s day for dressage but unfortunately Candy had other views about the jumping phases. Penny & Ashes ended the day in 7th place, speed being the issue for the pair on the X-country course!
D Grade Division 2 – Ellen & Chloe and Samantha & Jodie were the Wamboin riders in this strong field of 14 riders. Both riders had solid dressage scores and clear show jumping. Both completed the X-Country successfully, however Sam & Jodie also had an issue with speed. Ellen & Chloe placed 5th, closely followed by Sam & Jodie in 6th position.
C Grade – with the largest field of competitors, 23 in total, Nicole & Joe were the only Wamboin pair. They finished the day with no addition of penalties to their dressage result, putting them into 2nd place overall.

B Grade – a field of 5 competitors, with Casey & Valhalla Infinity (Woody), again the sole Wamboin representatives. Casey added just 3.6 X-country time penalties to her dressage result and won the B grade division champion.

And the day did not end there! In the team competition, with a possible 5 placings, Wamboin riders took out 2 of the 5 awards. The Wamboin Wormwoods – Penny, Ally & Craig placed 5th overall and the Wamboin Waratahs – Nicole, Samantha, Tyla & Jess came in 2nd!

Well done to all our riders, you were all great embassadors for the club and there was a great sense of club pride and team spirit throughout.

Thanks to Dave Barnard (CRC) for the great photos of the award presentation.