Rally Day Sunday 24th February 2013

On a slightly soggy Sunday 24th February a small group of our Wamboin Riders gathered for the second rally day this month. Club Captain Leanne took riders through some flat work practicing transitions at markers. Ellie and Caitlin brought their new horses Holly and Forest. Both mounts went well in the new environment being surrounded by new and unfamiliar horses. The rain showers came and went through the day and although it wasn’t cold the rain was enough to be annoying and made both horse and riders damp.

Hot meat pies and sausage rolls at the canteen warmed up soggy riders and the afternoon was spent doing some riding theory then some sometimes speedy mounted games practice. Our new main arena surface held up well in the wet and is now not slippery and is safer for our horses and riders. Rope was one of the more challenging games attempted and you have to get two horses to walk side by side whilst the riders hold a small rope between each other (see photos) all riders could probably do with a bit more practice at this game. Next Rally Day is March 10th and new riders are welcome.