Rally Day Sunday 10th March 2013

Rally day on Sunday 10th March saw Wamboin riders gather for another action packed day. Riders strarted the day with flatwork practising their troop drill. The jumping arena got a work out again as club Captain Leanne ran riders and horses through various elements aimed at improving rider and mounts jumping techniques. Later in the day something new to most of our horses and riders was an introduction to horse ball a type of netball on horseback – the ball has handles and riders throw it to each other whilst riding to score goals. Its one of many new horse type events and many of our horses would probably need some more practice before taking to the field as having a ball thrown around takes some gettting used to. Thanks Amy for the lesson. Thanks also to parents Chris and Lisa for the hardwork clearing around the Dressage Arena and raking sand back onto the track, backbreaking in the 30 degree heat. Needless to say it was decided that a late lunch and early finish for the day due to the heat was in order. Thanks to instructors Robyn, Leanne for the effort. A good fun day for all, see you on the 24th March.