Rally Day 26th March 2017

Rally Day 26th March 2017

Our second rally day for March saw a great turnout of riders and another 3 new members joined our club. We now have a great mix of riders of all ages. The new members are all starting to get to know each other and this rally day was spent introducing the newer members to the various mounted games that teams will compete in during our upcoming club event. Mounted games are games of skill played in teams that will test a horse and riders abilities. One of the trickier games riders practiced this week was the balloon race. Riders and horse ride up to balloons secured on the ground and carry a stick that has a point on it. As they pass the balloons they have to pop one – this really tests both rider and horse because as you might expect some horses don’t react well to the noise of a popping balloon. Our new Wamboin riders took it slow and steady and some horses were good and some not so great when that balloon was popped…..a bit more practice and riders will be ready for competition !