Warriors and Whips at State MG Championships

 Well it happened! The Wamboin Whips were given the opportunity to compete in the 2010 State Mounted Games at Bungendore Showgrounds NSW.
Given a wild card to represent their club was a dream come true, having attained 4 times better than state required times at Zone Mounted Games and missing out by a few seconds in others. Opportunity came for these riders when Zone 16 gave these hopefuls the chance to represent their club in the event of the year for them - THE NSW STATE MOUNED GAMES AT BUNGENDORE- with all the hype and questions that would be forthcoming these riders were unsure how to proceed with their training. The Wamboin Club was ready for such an event with some members unable to compete in this event and others willing to accept the challenge. With the inclusion of experienced rider Nicole and the willing Andrea joining Amy, Laura and Mara the team was set.
Weekly practices were demanded and whilst the Team Manager, the ever reliable Mrs Purdie was overseas enjoying the sights, the team trained under the watchful eye of the senior rider Nicole.
Then the weekend snuck up on them and it was the 'Real McCoy", the games had started. The atmosphere was electrifying, the number of riders immense and the competition mind blowing. Well as a parent, I was concerned that all this “atmospheric” pressure and sensationalism was going to be too much for these untried teens. "Eat your heart out father and burn your socks" these teens were here under their Wamboin PC Banner to perform and by golly perform they did.
Wamboin Pony Club battle cry is "GO WAMBOIN" and by cricket they just up and did that. There were moments of dread and moments of glory, but whatever the final outcome was they enjoyed the ride, the sportsmanship, the camaraderie, the games, the competition and the joy of representing their club in an event that is the envy of all riders, and should be achieved at least once in their riding career.
This club has the luxury of having a SENIOR team, the Wamboin Warriors, or should we say a team that the Whips could look up too (remembering of course that our own Nicole was a Warrior for many years) and compete against to hone their skills. This senior team has shown these riders that all riders should endeavour to try or attempt to perform above their comfort zone and better themselves by entering into competitions they would not normally try.
The atmosphere of events, camping and the overall competition of these Mounted Games is something all riders of all ages should experience. It gives the riders, parents, helpers and volunteers the opportunity to meet people who have the same interest in life. To parents I say "they are better riding horses on the weekend where you know their whereabouts, than have them roaming the street smoking that funny stuff and getting into trouble".
Laura, Amy and Mara camped at the ground, in an 8 man tent. This luxury abode was erected by Les and Matthew after much discussion. There was only one drawback, the girls refused to let Matthew or I sleep in this waterproof tent. We were sent to the “sin bin” and had to sleep in the float, and yes it leaks around the door and tailgate.
The camp out is an experience on its own, as some people tend to retire early, while others party to all hours of the morning. Luckily these three girls slept well, on both nights, after going to bed early. Saturday night our group was increased in number by the presence of Victoria (yes, she slept in the tent). When asked why Matthew and I couldn’t sleep in the tent as well, someone mentioned Toni, and her suggestion that we snored.
Overall, it was a good experience and I suppose now that Laura has decided to compete at other events away from Wamboin, that tent/float is going to become a second home away from home.